Dwight Chustz
Board of Directors

Dwight Chustz sits on our Advisory Board and is a native of Louisiana but has been in the Nashville, TN, area for 17 years. Dwight attended Hammond High School and Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA, majoring in Economics and receiving a BA degree.

Dwight secured his first job in the energy industry on a pipeline survey crew. There he was introduced to the world of surveying, drafting, construction, and operation of natural gas transmission pipelines and compressor stations for a little over 3 years as a contractor. Dwight applied for a permanent position with the pipeline company, where he was primarily doing third-party work, and was successful in beginning what became a career for over 42 years with several pipeline systems, including ANR Pipeline, Great Lakes, Coastal Corporation, Colorado Interstate Gas, El Paso, Tennessee Gas, Southern Natural Gas, and TransCanada’s pipeline systems.

Dwight's work has allowed him to physically work in over 14 states and the Gulf of Mexico. All the positions Dwight held were of a supervisory, management, and leadership level, including Director level, for 8 years. He has served on numerous Company committees, Teams, and Work Groups covering many of the facets of the industry outside of Operations and Maintenance. e.g., Modular employee training, Hiring strategies

Since 2014, Dwight has done consulting work for several companies and investors, all in the Energy Sector.

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