Keith Hill
Board of Directors

Keith Hill, a native of Western North Carolina, has spent most of his career in the petroleum marketing and supply sector. He began his career in the energy market as a buyer for a large textile mill in North Carolina, where he was responsible for all the fuel and energy requirements.

In 1978, he accepted a marketing position with ATC Petroleum, a division of the Axel Johnson Group and a Wilmington, NC, refiner of No. 6 fuel oil and diesel fuel. His area of responsibility included North Carolina, Northern South Carolina, and Southern Virginia. He later became the Sales Manager for ATC, responsible for all sales and marketing. From ATC, Keith was recruited for the position of Southeast Sales and Marketing Manager with Steuart Petroleum Company in Wilmington, NC. He established an office in Wilmington to handle the purchase, scheduling, storage, and sales of gasoline and diesel fuel to customers along the Colonial Pipeline system.

In the late 1980's, Steuart relocated Keith to their terminal and marketing operation in Jacksonville, FL, as Marketing Manager. The Jacksonville operation supplied No. 6 fuel oil to papermills and utilities, bunkers to the marine industry, and diesel fuel to railroads, utilities, industries, and local petroleum distributors. His responsibilities included the management of all No. 6 fuel oil inventory and the delivery of bunkers to marine customers and papermills. The marketing activities involved travel for him and his associates to customers in many parts of the world. Keith was also involved in the acquisition and negotiation of supply contracts and agreements.

In the mid-90s, Aectra Refining and Marketing, a Houston company, purchased the Jacksonville marketing operation. Keith continued his role of managing the office, overseeing all marketing activities, and assisting with the negotiation of supply contracts and agreements. He also served as a liaison with the local terminal operator.

In 2001, Colonial Oil Industries in Savannah, GA, purchased the Jacksonville marketing operation and assumed all terminal agreements. Keith became the Vice President of Marine and Industrial Sales for the new owners and continued to perform the same responsibilities. Colonial's marketing area included Jacksonville, FL, Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, and Wilminton, NC. Keith ended his position with Colonial Oil in July 2013 when they sold the bunkering and No. 6 oil divisions of the company.

Keith and his wife Helena have resided in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, for the past 28 years. They are members of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, where Keith has served as Usher, Usher Chairman, Deacon chairman, and Trustee.

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