Shot in the Gas™

Shot in the Gas™

5 tablet set

"Savings for YOU, Protection for our Environment!"

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Shot in the Gas™ is a revolutionary fuel enhancement product developed by Advance Green Energy and APPROVED for use by the EPA.

Maximize Savings and Fuel Efficiency

  • Save up to 30-45 cents per gallon
  • Gain up to 75-100 miles driven per full tank
  • Utilize in your Fleet Operaitions and cut costs across the board

Enhance Performance With a Horsepower Boost

  • Experience enhanced acceleration with up to 9-13 more horsepower
  • Put the pedal to the metal without the guilt of "burning dollars"

Combat Air Pollution and Global Warming

  • Decrease harmful pollutants emitted by your vehicle by up to 75%

Engine Safe and Warranty Friendly

  • Safe for all engines and use in all fuels
  • No impact on vehicle warranties
  • So safe - we use it in our personal and company vehicles

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