TreatedCoal™: Cleaner Burning Coal

TreatedCoal™: Cleaner Burning Coal

TreatedCoal™, the cutting-edge product by Advance Green Energy, revolutionizes coal burning efficiency by increasing power generation more kilowatts per ton of coal while reducing toxins. By treating coal with TreatedCoal™, power plants can achieve a more complete burn, reduce coal consumption, and minimize environmentally harmful emissions. Experience the economic and environmental benefits of TreatedCoal™ as inexpensive coal burns like its more expensive counterparts.

Unlocking the Potential of Coal-Burning Efficiency

TreatedCoal™ chemically manipulates the burning process of coal, enabling a more complete combustion. This unique treatment allows power plants to generate more power while using less coal, resulting in significant cost savings. By maximizing the efficiency of coal burning, TreatedCoal™ transforms inexpensive coal into a valuable resource, reducing costs and enhancing overall plant performance.

Reducing Toxins and Environmental Impact

Coal-fired power plants have been associated with the release of harmful toxins and environmentally damaging emissions. With Treated Coal™, common types of coal used in these plants can be treated to significantly reduce the emission of toxic chemicals and environmentally harmful substances. Our product ensures a cleaner burn, minimizing the release of toxic compounds into the atmosphere. By utilizing TreatedCoal™, power plants can proactively address environmental concerns and reduce their ecological footprint.

Verified Results from Combustion Experts

TreatedCoal™ has undergone rigorous testing by combustion technology experts at Western Kentucky University. Why W.K.U. because they are ranked within the top four universities world wide specializing in the combustion technology of coal. W.K.U. the Institute for Combustion Science and Environmental Technology (ICSET) observed that during combustion, there was no production of carbon monoxide (CO), as carbon was completely converted to carbon dioxide (CO2). This thorough combustion process reduces carbon emissions, achieves higher burning temperatures, and optimizes fuel utilization. The result is a reduction in fuel consumption while maintaining or increasing power output.

Economic Benefits and Environmental Savings

A more efficient burn from TreatedCoal™ provides both economic and environmental advantages. Power plants can significantly reduce coal costs while delivering the same or greater amounts of power. Additionally, the improved combustion process minimizes equipment downtime for cleaning, ensuring uninterrupted operations. By embracing TreatedCoal™, your business can achieve substantial savings in coal expenses, enhance overall efficiency, and contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing harmful byproducts.

Join the TreatedCoal™ Revolution

Advance Green Energy invites you to harness the power of TreatedCoal™ revolutionize your coal-burning operations. Experience enhanced efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and a lower environmental impact. Take a proactive approach to cost savings and environmental stewardship. With TreatedCoal™, you can optimize coal burning, save on operational costs, and promote a greener future for generations to come. While using TreatedCoal™ your power plant will now be able to wave the green flag to all fellow power plants owners world wide.

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